Conrad Petrovic and Matthew Cooper (Year 12) have been awarded 2nd and 3rd place, respectively, in the Science Teachers’ Association of NSW (STANSW) Young Scientist of the Year – Years 11-12 Physics.
Both Conrad and Matthew presented details on their individual research projects which were then assessed by the judging panel of scientists and Science teachers against research projects of students across NSW.
Conrad has also been selected in the top nine research projects across all scientific disciplines and levels in the Young Scientist of the Year competition to represent NSW & Australia at the Regeneron International Science & Engineering Fair 2021, in March.

Investigating the Relationship between Carburising Time and Case Depth
Conrad Petrovic

Confirmation into the significance of the relationship between carburising time and case depth in steel is lacking in modern research. The following investigation tests the significance of the relationship between carburising time and case depth in steel for pack carburising, gas carbonitriding and cyaniding case hardening techniques. The significance of the difference in case depth produced by each case hardening technique for typical carburising times is established.
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Investigating the Impact of Temperature on Solar Cells
Matthew Cooper

This investigation analysed the relationship between temperature and solar panel efficiency in order to formulate an answer to the research question,  incorporating  two phases. Phase one was a test of real world data which involved collecting a large volume of power output data from an array of solar panels over 18 months, combining this data with temperatures measured by the Bureau of Meteorology to observe the correlation between temperature and efficiency. 
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