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Welcome! The Editorial Committee is proud to present the second edition of The Bell.
We hope that our pieces ring true and resonate with you. May they inspire, spark conversation and ignite new ideas as we celebrate the talent of our students, together.

Missing from photo: Mikayla Murray, Amelia Palazzolo, Will Tickner

The Committee

Chief Editor: Isabelle Walters (Year 11)

Deputy Editor: Josh McKenzie (Year 10)

Editors: Addison Possamai (Year 10), Katelin Renshaw (Year 9), Samantha Brown (Year 9), Lucy Tanner (Year 8), Mikayla Murray (Year 8), Amelia Palazzolo (Year 7), Xavier Arnot (Year 7), Lucinda Cuddy (Year 7), Will Tickner (Year 7)

Addison Possamai (Year 10) Homepage graphic and attributed works; Lucy Lowe-Porrett (Year 9) Greyscale

Website Creator and IT support: Mr. Benjamin Oshana (IT)

Supervising staff: Mr. Glenn McPherson & Mrs. Catherine Havenaar

Eszter Lim (Year 4), Kyan Leys (ex-student), Isla Woolford (Year 7), Will Tickner (Year 7), Chloe Renshaw (Year 7), Jackson Denner (Year 7), Julienne Teodoro (Year 8), Amy Megalaa (Year 8), Oluwanifemi Adeyemi (Year 9), Tristan Randall (Year 9), Vianca Bhagwaite (Year 10), Alyssa Hooton (Year 10), Emerson Daw (Year 10), Jim Beckinsale (Year 11), Hannah Richardson (Year 11), Finley Anderson (Year 11), Morgan Ryder (Year 11), Dulitha Krishnarathne (Year 11), Will Alexander (Year 11), Nathan D’Mello (Year 11), Jonathon Shabaya (Year 11), Payton Osborne (Year 11), Mrs K. Russell (Staff), Mr B. Riethmuller (Staff), Rev. M. Schroder (Staff).