Space Monkey

Eszter Lim – Year 4

Eszter Lim is a student in the Year 4. She wrote this story, called Space Monkey, when she was in Year 3. This story impressed us. It has an abundance of creativity and is highly descriptive. She really tried just letting her imagination run wild, and that is what we liked the most. She wanted to include areas of particular interest to her, such as liking animals and space, which she did very well.

Space Monkey

Space Monkey was on a mission to space to research and discover any mystery planets and aliens. Along the trip from Earth to space, he saw amazing planets of all varieties; hot, cold, gas planets and solid planets. He also got to see shiny stars, and even meteoroids! He met and became friends with a Space Bear and some funky aliens. The aliens were green with big antennas on top of their heads. The aliens were kind, friendly and funny. While he was traveling, Space Monkey had his attention drawn to a star being sucked into a Black Hole! He was so focused on watching the star, he didn’t realise he was getting pulled into the Black Hole too! Space Monkey’s friends came to the rescue to save him from the Black Hole’s drag. His friends went in their rocket to get a rope to pull him back towards his rocket, and away from the Black Hole. After Space Monkey was saved, he thanked Space Bear and the Aliens and gave them each a souvenir of a precious, shiny rock from Earth called a Diamond.
The end.

Edited by Kyan Leys, Isla Woolford and William Tickner – Year 6 (2021) 

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