A Collection of Poems

Tristan Randall – Year 9

Tristan wrote a series consisting of two poems, “Evaporate” and “Puzzle”. These poems reflect the nature of banks, this Edition’s topic.


I want to be like the rainbows,  

The clouds and the birds.  

So far away, so close to touch,  

But always out of reach.  


I want to be set free,  

No more rules, no more structure,  

Only goals to accomplish  

And only expectations to break  



No matter how close I get,   

They just get further away.  

Like a rainbow on a rainy day  

Like friends that have moved away  

Like they’re impossible, unthinkable, and unreachable.  


A useless puzzle piece.  

Is one that does not fit,  

One that has no purpose.  

One that should be thrown in the bin.  


A useless puzzle piece  

Might not fit in here.  

But might fit in there.  

One that has no purpose here.   

But purpose over there.  


A useless puzzle piece,  

Can fit in,  

Here, there, and most importantly everywhere.