Year 8 Letter Writing – Julienne Teodoro

Dearest Reader, 

Today I am writing to you to inform you about the importance of letters and letter writing. I believe that preserving letters is quite important and that is what I will explain to you in the letter. 

Letter writing is considered as something important as it lets a person (or a writer) think about the topic they’re writing about in great detail. Being able to write down your thoughts and express ‘big ideas’ on paper, is very important, allowing you to develop a creative mind-set that can help you in the future with looking for jobs, working academically. It may also generate the ability to find new areas of writing and writing techniques, as you master this traditional form.  

Writing letters can help you engage with close friends and family in a different way, supposedly a new way, for us, but is old as well. Texting through your phones can be more accessible and easier; however, learning to write through letters can help build strong relationships with the people around you. 

Julienne Teodoro 

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