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Tournament of Minds – Covid style

Payton Osborne (Year 9) and Isabelle Walters (Year 9)

Tournament of Minds is a problem-solving based competition that requires teams of seven students to create a short drama performance based around a challenge. Teams can select S.T.E.M, Social Sciences, The Arts or Language Literature as their chosen category. In previous years, teams have presented their answer to the challenge in the form of a 10-minute live drama performance. However due to COVID restrictions in 2020 the format was changed to a 5-minute short film. 

Each team was challenged to present a creative solution using their chosen field. In 2020 teams were asked the question, Quo Vadis?  Or, where are you going? 

Teams were given the following introduction: 

People often come across unusual things in unusual places. Something extraordinary has been found in an unexpected place by an out of the ordinary group. People are asking many questions, there are so many questions but so few answers. Your team embarks on a journey to find the answers. 

The task required teams to include the following: 

  • Explain how and where your team found the amazing discovery 
  • Outline the journey your team then takes to seek answers to the questions people are asking 
  • What is the amazing discovery? 
  • Where is it from? 
  • Who created it and why? 
  • What was its purpose? 
  • What is the significance and possible consequences of the find? 

Each team explained how this discovery shed light on the past AND held the key to the future. 

Teams then needed to attack the challenge in a way that would demonstrate their chosen category. 

The real challenge in 2020

This challenge managed to highlight the importance of communication in our day to day lives, as well as the way that it has been stretched to its limits by the Coronavirus pandemic. Teams needed to reconsider the way that they would share not only their final product, but the way in which they would collaborate and work together as a team under these new circumstances. It was reflective of the way that student participants have had to learn to interact effectively, regardless of the situation that we are in. Every year, Tournament of Minds is an amazing opportunity for individual growth and the development of new skills. The 2020 competition is a key example of the importance and relevance of the Tournament of Minds competition to the academic and social lives of its participants. 

Overall, Broughton’s teams performed at an extremely high standard, many of which placed in the Merits and Honors sections. 

Team: Social Sciences
Team: Dizco Ninjaz
Team: TomArtoes
Team: Therapeutic Oasis of Mangoes
Junior School Team: 4th Wall Breakers