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Wood’s Tale

Lucy Tanner (Year 6)


There is a time in everyone’s life when they become too old or mature for something. This is especially true, in childhood. Melissa Wood always loved fairytales, but when she started high school, she knew she was too old for them. Growing up taught her that people are cruel, and they will make any childishness a motivation to crush you. As her classmates vehemently teased constantly, she decided that she would have to change for her own mental health. So, she transformed into the person everyone else wanted her to be. Until, one day, when a dream changed her forever. 

Melissa Wood had just gone to bed and was dosing off to sleep on the soft feather pillow her grandmother made for her. The honey and ginger tea she had drunk suddenly made her unusually sleepy, and before she knew it, she had fallen into a deep, deep, sleep…

Running. Running through the darkness, towards a shining bright light, that pierced her hazelnut brown eyes, with gorgeous golden flecks in them. When she reached the light, that was as bright as the sun, she suddenly hears footsteps behind her. Her heart beats faster. Melissa hoped that whoever the mysterious footsteps behind her belonged to, could not hear her pounding heart. She spun around as fast as a rapid machine and there, before her eyes, was every fairy tale princess you can image. Rapunzel, Cinderella, Snow White, you name it. ‘W-what are you doing here in my dream?’ Melissa stuttered with anxiety. 

‘Why, are we here?’ Cinderella said in a dainty voice that sent Melissa back to her childhood, when she used to listen to that pretty voice on the television. 

‘Okay. Well, this is cool!’ She thought about what she should do or say next. ‘What do you want to do?’ Asked Melissa curiously. 

‘We want to take you through all of our kingdoms!’ So that is what they did. They went on a big adventure, venturing through all the kingdoms sight-seeing all the castles and empires. 

Melissa saw every palace, every store; every corner and crook in the whole princess world. The small group lead Melissa to their final destination. They arrived at an enormous castle, as tall as a dinosaur and as white as a fluffy cloud on a summer’s day. It had creamy sky-blue, towers with white cone tops and gold flowery patterns around each window, and a golden door. Melissa knocked on the large front door and it immediately opened. 

They walked inside and had a wonderful afternoon drinking hot chocolate and eating vanilla cake. The princesses asked Melissa if she would join them at the spring ball and of course Melissa agreed. She was delighted to be able to attend a princess ball. 

It was time for her to get ready and the royal princesses helped. They curled her hair and gave her a lovely pale pink ball gown, with frills at the shoulders and a pair of matching pink shoes that sparkled in the light, projecting glittering lights on the wall. When beautiful Melissa was ready, she was led down a grand marble staircase with golden railings into the magnificent ballroom. It was filled with guests and dancers, and hung in the centre of the room was a fantastic silvery glass chandelier, which reflected magical lights around the room. Melissa had a wonderful time dancing and talking with all the fairy tale people she had admired when she was younger. Melissa danced the night away and even a charming prince asked her to dance. 

Melissa did not want the dream to end, but she hadn’t yet understood the purpose of it. She knew it would eventually come to an end and of course it did. She vowed to remember this dream for the rest of her life.

As Melissa awoke, she realised the point of her dream: it was, that you should never change who you are to fit another’s liking. Because who you are makes the world a better place. And you are never too old to stay in touch with your childhood, because it is who you come to be, and no one can take that away from you. 


Illustrated by Amiria Summers (Year 8)

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