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Katelin Renshaw (Year 7) and Samantha Brown (Year 7)

In Terms 3 and 4, Year 7 and 9 worked on creating gargoyles, creatures and anthromorphs in Visual Arts. Gargoyles were first introduced to the public in the early 13th century around Medieval Europe, being first used as drainage to eliminate the fact that the stones of churches and cathedrals would get filthy. Essentially, Gargoyles were used to communicate the idea of safety or sanctuary, for a building. They were known as ‘guardians’ of the churches and cathedrals, as they were thought to protect these buildings from ‘dark spirits’. They were also used, in certain places, to convey the message that the areas outside the cathedrals and churches were unsafe and gave the illusion of how these places were better for the public. Thus, making the churches and cathedrals more popular. The creatures symbolise many other deep meanings. They can express feelings, morals, stories, messages, and provide a conduit for communication, for the artist at play.  

Here is a selection of curious creatures designed by Broughton students.

Elephant – Sophia Zaika (07TA); Two Dogs – Riley Stanley (09DAR); Platypus -Bayley McLaren (07NI) ; Bear – Taylor Norris (07TA); Turtle – Trinity Freeman (07TA).

Photos by Samantha Brown (Year 7)