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Fight for a voice

Isabelle Syme (Year 6)


She has no voice and doesn’t get a say,
All her life she is controlled by many men,
She’s free to roam, but at the end of the day,
It’s like being stuck in a lion’s den.

She always feels powerless and alone,
She wants to hide in the corner, in a heap.
All she’s able to do is cry and moan,
Tears falling, she wants to just sit there and weep.

She’s stuck alone, no safe place to call home,
The nasty words, are the only things heard.
Thrown out, she is left in the night to roam,
Left alone, caused by rumours that he stirred.

She is alone, forced to defend herself
As they shoot her and cut her with their cruel words,
Piercing her with knives, sharp as the ears of an elf,
She is treated like animals in herds.

Each man is a meaner one’s clone,
Anger builds until she explodes,
She wants to yell at them with an angry tone,
Her brain then switched to a powerful mode.

She stood up and fought, and she now has a voice,
She is now completely free of the cruel men.
Now with everything, she has a choice,
Though they try to control her every now and then.

She no longer needs to worry her head,
She no longer sits in the corner and cries.
She may hate men, but doesn’t wish them all dead,
No longer hurt by their malicious lies.

This is her turn to shine bright like a star,
She is not going back into the shadows
to watch men from afar,
She’s free to bathe in the sun in the meadows.

She is not going down without a fight,
She is no longer a defenceless doe,
She won’t go calmly back into the night,
She will fight and her bravery will show.


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